Chibi AT-AT: First FO of 2017

Ever since the countdown ended, we've been planning projects for the year. I even hinted on Instagram about what I had in mind for my first FO - finished object - of the year.'s from a galaxy far, far away.

It only took me a few hours after grabbing this pattern to head to the craft store for yarn.

Freak would probably say that I didn't need more yarn - and he might be right. I do have a rather large stash sitting in my craft studio, but it pales in comparison to my momma's fabric stash. And since I used up all my skeins of gray yarn on the last batch of Viking beanies, a trip to the craft store was a must. I mean, seriously, how could you stare at this adorable little fella and not have the urge to make him right away?!

He's ready to make an appearance at our booth at Comic Con in a few months - that is if I don't decide to keep him for myself. He's so stinkin' cute!

After working on this project, I've got the urge to do lots of amigurumi this year. Sure, I'll still be making plenty of adorkable hats - but expect to see a lot more kawaii crocheted creatures. Heck, I've already started on my next one + have ideas for a few I want to design in the next few weeks.

Anyone know of an Amigurumi Anonymous nearby? I may have to make an appearance because I can already tell you I'll be addicted to it.

Now's  your chance to help me decide. What cute + geeky creature should I make next?

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