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You’re proud to be a geek + you like to show it to the world. But there is one problem: your favorite fandom is nowhere to be found in the shops. And if they are, it’s mass produced and, well, tacky. Yeah, we know, we had the same problem. So we’ve started to make unique, handmade projects ourselves.

By nerds, for nerds. 

I bet you’ve spent time making your own gear to help you be stronger in your favorite video games - I know we have! And I bet you wished you could wear or make those things irl, right? We’re here to provide you with the skills + knowledge to help you make whatever you want to make -  or you can buy them from us.

I’m Kelly, also known Apockylypse (or Pocky for short). I’m a crafty nerd, wife to the geek of my dreams, Freak (a.k.a. Josh), and momma to the goofiest Coonhound, Pixel.

I consider making things my real background + passion. I mean, I have been doing it for 86.1% of your life - yep, I did the math on that…Did I mention I'm a math nerd?! I have been crafting and designing things since I was five – seriously! I started designing my own cross stitch projects before I even knew how to stitch them. Now, I still have a gift for making the nerdy things in my head a reality with sticks and + string.

Since I met Freak in 2003 I’ve really started getting more into nerdy things. I got tired of not finding enough nerdy items - or not finding the right ones - and started making my own. So if you’re looking for a place to geek out, stuffed with DIY projects, patterns, game reviews or snacks recipes for game night, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to equip geeks for an epic battle. 

We offer limited opportunities to have custom items created especially for you to help you bring your wildest dreams come to life. So if you have a character bouncing around in your head, or looking for your new favorite hat that doesn’t exist yet, we can make it happen.

We’re excited to have you on this journey with us, so buckle up, load up R2-D2 and get ready for a whole bunch of nerd stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your towel.

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